ATPI Learning Management System

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ATPI is one of the fastest growing brands in the travel industry with a dynamic and innovative approach to savings and service. The company has been formed through various acquisitions dating from the late 1990s up to today, bringing together various leading travel management companies - each with its own heritage and areas of expertise.

Now with a worldwide office network, ATPI can offer greater buying power and seamless service across borders to its customers. A culture of solving travel challenges in-house is one of their key points of difference.

As bespoke technology is a key tool in delivering this, ensuring that this is utilised to maximum effect in a consistent fashion is a priority. Therefore training materials to support this had been identified as a first step in aligning processes and business practices across the company.

dreamm were commissioned to design, develop and deliver a bespoke LMS platform to manage the delivery of training to 1200 users worldwide.