Delivering a blended learning workshop


dreamm were approached by The College of Estate Management (CEM) to assist in the creation and deployment of a bespoke workshop to provide practical experience of creating blended learning for their subject matter experts (SMEs).

As part of CEM's ongoing commitment to include mixed learning elements in all of their academic offerings it was imperative that their SMEs had up-to-date knowledge of the different types of online learning interactions at their disposal. The aim of the workshop was to provide a knowledge sharing function, outlining the available options and allowing SMEs to work together to produce a variety of online interactions that can be used to create blended learning.

Working with the Sarah Slevin, Head of Instructional and Media Design at CEM, we helped devise the workshop outline, create the activities and assist with the initial roll-out of the workshop delivery.

The feedback for the participants was excellent and the workshop has continued to be rolled out CEM to all of their tutors.

This was an enjoyable, fast paced, and activity rich training day which underpins the importance of keeping external tutors up to date with current developments. The next ten years are going to see huge changes in the way in which Education and Training is organised and delivered, so it was useful to put the I.T. progression into context. Teaching technology is going to have to keep pace with all the different demands of the individual and social nature of learning, including professional education, lifelong learning, and formal education pedagogies.