Unionlearn Climbing Frame app

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dreamm were commissioned to create an app version of the Climbing Frame website.

The Unionlearn Climbing Frame is a website primarily aimed at Union Learning Reps (ULRs) and other union reps who work with learners. While the current users are usually union learning reps, there is the possibility that it will be expanded in the future to target other groups, such as community learning champions.

The purpose of the project was to create a smartphone and tablet App to compliment this website, recreating a core part of the website’s functionality so that users have convenient mobile access to the facility.

The Climbing Frame includes a variety of ‘Learning Themes’ which are topics of interest to ULRs. Themes include ‘Skills for Life’, ‘Higher Learning’ and ‘Learners with disabilities’. Users of the website can either browse the range of subjects included within the Learning Themes or find specific information of interest to them by using the ‘search’ function. Within the Learning Themes useful onscreen text information can be found along with hyperlinks to external websites and also documents which can be downloaded.

The Climbing Frame app is now fully built and being used alongside the existing web based Climbing Frame.