Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

dreamm successfully implemented a competency and coaching management tool, OXIS, for Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (OCD) worldwide sales team.

OCD screenshots

OXIS is an online competency management tool that captures and tracks all of the data pertaining to an individual’s role, the competencies that make up that job, any objectives and evidence that have been added or completed to support development within that job, details of any future jobs that are being aspired to and resources available to help with an individual’s development.

OXIS displays information regarding an individual’s role in a graphical format and allows the viewing of multiple strands of information all in one place.

OCD’s competency framework has been mapped to create a vertical skyline of each role. The individual and their manager can then map their skills / abilities against this competency framework.

With OXIS OCD can:

  • View any job role loaded into the system
  • For an individual, view a managers perception of their skills/abilities against a given competency
  • For an individual, mark their own perception of their skills/abilities against a given competency
  • Individual and manager, add/edit/complete/archive/delete objectives and evidence relating to a competency
  • For an individual, add a future job role in sales that they wish to develop into their development plan
  • Search a database of learning resources that are available to support development
  • Report on competency development on a company, individual or team basis
  • For managers, review their team members and report on competency gaps and development

OXIS has been implemented for OCD in 9 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Korean, Thai, Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese