Back to our roots!


We've been busy getting back to our e-learning and development roots.

Over the past 18 months we've been hard at work developing a variety of eLearning solutions and programmes - unfortunately for us we're not allowed to show you any of them! However, we can let you know that they are for a global pharmaceutical organisation, aimed at both head office and field based personnel. So far, we've been busy at work with:

  • Clinical data eLearning programmes
  • Induction eLearning
  • 3d animations for anatomy, physiology and devices
  • KOL and patient videos
  • Scenario based e-learning
  • iPad/mobile device delivery

In fact, you name it and we've probably done it! All of which has re-ignited our passion for learning and using technology as an enabler for learning.

So come on, if you've got an e-learning project and you're looking for an inventive solution drop us an email...we've probably got an idea that you'd like to hear!