Web based climbing frame


unionlearn was established in May 2006 under the auspices of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to promote the uptake of learning and skills in the workplace and to manage the Union Learning Fund (ULF), which was set up by the government in 1998. Its main objectives are to expand and improve the level of training and development for trade union officials and representatives, increase the number of Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) in the workplace and provide access to learning opportunities for greater numbers of workers.

As part of Unionlearn's educational remit they wanted to re-develop an existing CD-Based training and development aide (Climbing Frame) that had not been widely adopted by ULRs and learners due to technical issues with accessing the content. After successfully completing the tender process for the redevelopment of the Climbing Frame tool, dreamm set to work with the Unionlearn project team to develop the application.

Given the significant number of potential users, the variety of user locations and technology and the number of stakeholders involved the Climbing Frame project was a vast undertaking. However, dreamm successfully rose to the challenge and put in place a comprehensive build process, including:

  • Creative
  • Wireframes
  • Focus groups
  • Trial & pilot phases (over 500 participants)
  • Liaising with project board

The end result was a highly successful Climbing Frame website that can be used to:

  • provide up to date information to help during discussions with learners
  • update ULRs knowledge about various learning opportunities
  • develop individual action plans with learners
  • keep records of sessions with learners
  • allow unions to maintain their own versions of the Climbing Frame

Project Timeline

  • dreamm awarded the contract to re-develop the WBCF in 2009 Project
  • delivered on time and on budget Successful launch in July 2010
  • Currently engaged in a new round of updates to the system

Visit unionlean's Climbing Frame