Play the game - game creator e-learning app

Space Invaders based assessment

One of the most exciting aspects of e-learning is that it is constantly evolving. At dreamm we keep up to date with the latest technological advances to provide our clients with state-of-the-art training programmes.

We were approached by a global healthcare company that employs thousands of staff in the UK, many of whom work on the road.

The company asked us to create a bespoke e-learning application which would allow its UK Training Specialists to create quizzes that would help reinforce employee product knowledge.

One year on and the app is so successful we are developing it further to include a gameplay function.

The quiz creator app

The quiz creator app was designed to have a simple admin interface. Training Specialists can log in, write a quiz description, select a target audience, create the questions and include a pass rate. To keep the training varied they can choose from a variety of quizzes, from true and false and multiple choice questions to drag and drop and picture based quizzes. The standardised quiz layout can also be easily customised to include the company and product logos.

The game creator app

In late 2014 we were asked to develop the quiz creator app to include a game format. The app follows the same process but the quiz is limited to 10 multiple choice questions. A Training Specialist then has the option to include a gameplay function. Space Invaders and Tetris will be introduced in April and, if this is successful, we will expand the app to include games like Frogger, Solitaire and Super Mario.

Each game is required to go through an approval process before being published. This used to be done manually; however, our app enables Training Specialists to take multiple screenshots and upload them into a PDF with one click of a button. Once approved, it’s a simple click and publish.

The advantages of e-learning games

Including gameplay functions into e-learning programmes is known as gamification. It makes the training process more engaging and fun, encouraging staff to retake the quiz to reinforce and further their knowledge.

Once the app is developed it will feature a number of gameplay options to appeal to different learning styles, or employees can choose to take the quiz without the game. A built-in leader board, designed to look like an arcade game, displays your score and ranking. This adds a competitive element which again helps make the training process more engaging.

The company’s Training Leader said:

"The game creator app is simple to use and produces highly addictive training games; exactly what we need to help our customer-facing staff reinforce their product knowledge."

The global healthcare company employs a significant number of staff worldwide. At the moment the app is only available to its UK Training Specialists; however, following a successful trial period this could be introduced to different regions.

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