Going global with ATPI’s learning management system

Learning Management System For a business to expand successfully it needs a core learning system to make sure all its employees are working off the same page. That’s why e-learning programmes have become an essential tool for growing businesses.

In May 2013 dreamm was approached by ATPI, one of the world’s leading corporate travel management companies. Through growth and a programme of strategic acquisition the company now employs 2,400+ staff, located in over 100 offices around the world. To support this rapid, global expansion they asked us to create a bespoke learning management system to allow their staff to access mandatory training and keep up-to-date with their latest tools and systems.

Following the implementation of the learning management system, we’re thrilled to announce the roll-out of new updates which will give ATPI even better controls to manage their internal training courses.

The initial learning management system

The simple interface of the first release of the learning management system allowed ATPI to administrate their internal training programmes themselves, giving employees across the world access to the same training courses and learning material.
The system allows the company to assign training programmes at individual, group or regional level, as well as track course data and view pass rates for every employee.

The initial version of the system was piloted in the UK and went live in November 2013. In the space of a year around 25 courses were created and this number is growing all the time. The system has since been rolled out to the rest of the world in staged releases during 2014.

Learning Management System

The new system update

At the start of 2015 we were asked to develop the system further and include additional functions to accommodate the company’s growing needs.

We’ve embedded a certificate application - which allows employees to view certificates in their personal training portfolio for every module they pass. The certificate system also gives managers extra evidence to support staff review sessions, so they can chart their progress and help their staff to develop.

We’ve also improved reporting functionality for administrators of the system, making it easier for them to access stats in a variety of ways. This will help them to gauge a course’s effectiveness, allowing the company to adjust course material, if necessary, before assigning to a larger group. It will also help the company to get a deeper insight into their staff’s development as a whole.

The benefits of the learning management system

We worked closely with ATPI throughout the process to ensure we produced a bespoke learning management system ideal for the company’s requirements. As the company grows and the system becomes more intergrated, we are able to introduce new features and tools to develop the system together.

The system now covers 2,292 users across 42 countries and there have been over 13,000 course completions recorded.

"Dreamm offer a great all-round service. They listen, engage, resolve and suggest sensible solutions that are fit for purpose. As their name suggests, they're a dream team to work with."

Julia King, ATPI Academy Project Manager.

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