How e-learning programmes help motivate learners

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An enthusiastic learner is a strong learner, but designing a training programme that keeps employees motivated can be challenging.

Technological advancements and regulation updates mean employees need to regularly take training courses to help enhance their professional development. Adults, however, unlike many students and teenagers, often have a lot of other responsibilities and training programmes may not rank highly on their list of priorities. If the training is not mandatory and they are not instantly rewarded for their hard work, an employee can soon lose motivation.

Advancements in training programmes

Modern developments, such as e-learning and social media, have helped transform the training process to make it more fun, accessible and engaging. Employees can now connect with learners all over the world. They can sign up to training sites such as Khan Academy, watch TED lectures at home and access e-learning programmes on their mobile device.

Here are five ways in which e-learning programmes can help keep learners motivated:

Appeal to your audience

At dreamm our e-learning programmes include bespoke training features designed to target a specific community of learners. For example, employees in sales based roles may thrive on a competitive aspect to their training. We can incorporate leader boards into e-learning programmes so employees can compare their performance with colleagues and managers. Achievements and awards can also be unlocked to encourage employees to retake the training and further their knowledge.

Easily digestible

E-learning programmes help divide the material up so all mandatory content is clearly signposted and easily accessed. This means employees will not waste valuable time digging around for ‘need to know’ information. The secondary material can be set aside and labelled as optional content for information junkies to view if required.

Versatile learning

People learn in many different ways; some enjoy reading text while others need to visualise the information. Our e-learning programmes are designed to suit individual learning styles. They can display key information in text form or in graphs, videos and animations. This gives employees more control over their training to help keep them motivated.

Make it relevant

E-learning programmes can help make the material relevant to the work environment, so employees understand how the information will benefit them. Gamification programmes based on real-life work scenarios allow employees to interact with a storyline, answer questions and experience the consequences in a safe environment.

Visually exciting

Scrolling through plain text documents with only a company logo as a header will soon send learners to sleep. It’s important to stick to brand guidelines, but learners will need more visual stimulation to encourage them to keep reading. Our e-learning programmes use eye-catching designs and interactive functions to hold an employee’s attention throughout the training process.

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