Living the dreamm

dreamm dude

So what's this dreamm thing all about then?

The journey all started in about 1999 when a few of us started working together at an agency in Marlow - unknown to us at the time that we would be still working together over 15 years later albeit in a very different setup. Back in '99 was when the IT bubble was just about bursting at the seams and everyone was rushing to embrace this new e-learning thing. We were right on the edge of the bubble trying to make a decent sized, dedicated e-learning agency work and make money. Along the way many of the current dreamm team crossed our paths, some stayed for longer than others but we all seemed to stay in touch.

Around 2005 the Marlow agency was sold to a company in Brighton and we all decided to go solo rather than move to the seaside. It wasn't long before it became apparent that we were all working on the same projects so we did as any other sensible person would do - we set-up a company and dreamm was born.

To start with there were just 3 of us: Emma, Mark and David. Learning from our time working at the agency our mission was to keep things lean, build up some clients, focus on e-learning and draft in specialists as and when we needed them. This served us very well for the first few years and we worked on some really big projects, for such a small agency, honing our skills working with remote teams. Once the three of us had got the dreamm ball rolling it was obvious that we should build up the development side of the business, so Paul was added to the core team in 2007.

This is when dreamm really began to gather some momentum and we started getting more repeat business and more referrals. Even though we had committed to the virtual team setup we upgraded our office and moved to the delightful Rotten Row farm which gave us a great base to start taking on bigger and more diverse projects.

Since then we have wandered into more traditional digital projects but we are now firmly back in the e-learning camp. We have continued to develop our net of specialists and more recently we have added a new permanent member to the team, Will.